In retail, protecting stock against theft and damage has become crucial. The growth of various retailing formats, stocking a range of categories across smaller sized-high value items has meant that security has become a major imperative for retailers. Our security solutions will protect hard-earned profits by reducing loss of inventory, improving safety of the stores, employees as well as customers, thereby ensuring delivery of returns on the investment.

Security partnership – an essential that no retail business can do without

We understand unique needs, vulnerabilities, and expectations. The list of security threats includes

  • Direct theft-from random shoplifters
  • Organized retail crime
  • Internal threats
  • Accidental loss
  • Product diversion
  • Card skimming
  • Data thefts through wireless networks
  • Securing the loading dock to reduce inventory loss

Enhanced supervision to ensure retail security and loss prevention

In-depth security coverage to prevent retail theft:

  • Consistent attention to security and to investigation of theft
  • Reliable evidence collection helps discourage insider crimes
  • Field tests involving complicated purchases and closely documented sales prices and cashier behaviour
  • Added security measures in “blind spots” and “vulnerable areas” around the store (such as – bright lighting, security mirrors, anti-shoplifting signs, and security personnel)

We provide enhanced supervision to ensure retail security and loss prevention. Our security personnels are competent to observe and respond to known shoplifters and suspicious customers. They are quick to observe irregularities and helps providing safe environment.