The Indian Security Force Hospitality Team completely understands that they are a vital part of protecting and selling “the experience”. A guest encounters many people, and whether they are security or hotel personnel, they are all part of the guest’s perception of your establishment. We are proud to provide and protect an enjoyable experience because it represents your company’s brand. It also means we are doing our job for you as our client, and for your client: the guest.

Indian Security Force provides tailored Hospitality Concierge Security for a range of clients and are fully trained in a variety of roles. For example, when a guest researches a hotel, they can view a list of amenities that the hotel provides. Indian Security Force shares this pinpointing capability and looks for certain characteristics in potential hospitality security professionals during our rigorous recruiting process:

All employees must possess strong communication skills. Whether an Indian Security Force security officer is a guest’s first point of contact or is working behind the scenes, they are able to communicate with other staff members accordingly and also establish a welcoming interaction with all guests. Without effective communication, it is impossible to create and maintain a safe and hospitable environment.ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

We also analyze the demeanor of each Indian Security Force candidate because it is vital that our employees are able to keep cool in any high stress environment and make educated and controlled decisions in any situation, especially when dealing with a patron. Ideal personality traits for a security employee include a strong sense of optimism, outgoing nature, level-headed sensibility and need to have a great attitude. A person’s character speaks volumes about the work they do and this is why we make sure each employee is a great match for the hospitality environment.

Another critical trait our security members have is the natural ability to adapt; both quickly and seamlessly. Hospitality is a fast-paced, quick-reaction line of work and we insist on keeping the safety of everyone a priority, while also making all guests feel comfortable and respected at the same time. Our employees can adapt and make excellent judgement calls based on their extensive training and natural instinct to survey the environment around them.