We understand the unique challenge of a dynamic environment in the hospitality sector. Security must be deployed to mitigate numerous risks that hotels face which include but are not limited to fire, criminal activities, injury, natural disaster, sabotage, and terrorism.


Indian security force protecting stock against theft and damage has become crucial. The growth of various retailing formats, stocking a range of categories across smaller sized-high value items has meant that security has become a major imperative for retailers.


Indian Security Force for protection of industrial and commercial establishments and constant vigil, supervised by day and night checks. Smart and alert, armed or unarmed guards for banks and commercial establishment for round the clock security Vehicles with armed guards for cash transportation of high value documents.


With the IT sector booming in India, the sector has an important responsibility to guard information that may offer them competitive advantage. The twin challenge of this sector is to safeguard and protect customer information and at the same time provide a safe and pleasant environment for its employees to work in.


Manufacturing thrives on the efficiency and security of its distribution centers and supply chain management. We help you address identified security issues, through customized solution, that support the evolving supply chain requirements.


Indian Security Force provides security guards and officers for access control points, to staff gatehouses and for patrol services on foot or by vehicle for residential, resort and commercial properties.
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Indian Security Force is proud to offer the protection of security guards and bodyguards who were highly trained to keep you and your property safe. Our reliable security experts also include security management professionals who are licensed, insured, and fully equipped to meet your security needs.

With the help of our skilled professionals, we are able to provide Professional Security Services. These services are imparted by our deft professionals who complete their duty in a controlled manner. Our experts follow all rules and regulations set by the government.

Being always proactive and ready, we at Indian Security services supply an extra level of security for your premises – High end security systems and equipment crucial for security combining security, safety, and prevention in one package.

Indian Security Force


At Indian Security Force, we believe that security goes way beyond providing manpower. Our security framework is designed to provide end to end security solutions to the customer.

We work in an environment that is filled with unexpected risks and challenges. Our operations team works tirelessly around the clock to prevent and respond to such issues promptly and proactively.

As an organization, we strive for transparency in our dealings with our customers and our employees. The founding philosophy of JKN Security services is to provide personalized and consistent services to our customers and to treat our employees with fairness and respect.

We hire security guards based on specific requirements provided by the customer.Every guard goes through Police Verification and Background Checks.Our training programs are customized to suit different industries, locations and client requirements.





What Our Clients Say

“Fast, friendly, Reliable and great priced security services. What a simple way to get a security guard agency at the right price in Karnataka Bangalore”


“Their service is superb and all staff are gracious and diligent in doing their duties. Staff is punctual and also gave us magnificent reports.
We will keep on using Indian Security Force on our projects and would prescribe them to others requiring security services.”


“Security services, from Indian Security Force Smart, Secure, 24/7 Protected. High-quality Security services that consistently exceed performance metrics. We recommend (Indian Security Force) for all Security guard services (Men and Women)”.


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