For major industrial operations, hospitals and similar businesses, we supply a complete security solution that encompasses an industrial fire brigade, systematic fire protection work and training courses. The unique concept offered by ISF involves the integration of fire protection work with our guard service, with our guards playing an important role in preventive fire protection efforts along with our trained firefighters and fire officers. We can train emergency teams ourselves, and systematically develop their response capabilities as well as improving conditions for responses by emergency services.

we are in charge of rescue operations at civil and military airports, industrial operations, hospitals and other facilities with strict requirements for an effective response.


  • We provide a range of static guard security training 24/7 within the building and construction, retail, hospitality, education, tourism, accommodation and business industries.
  • We also provide security services to community based festivals and sporting events.  
  • We specialise in providing security to the mental health, maritime and fire & emergency management industries.
  • We also provide specialised night watch patrol and alarm response services, conference and concierge services, crowd control, asset protection and loss prevention services.


The emergency rescue ensures that patients receive the necessary medical care without delay. Measures include emergency treatment at the scene of an accident and transport to hospital for further treatment. Employees who have suffered minor injuries are also treated in the framework of the overall safety concept – within the shortest possible time and to the same high quality standard. We will provide you with emergency medical personnel and vehicles if you stage an event.


We all know that communication skills are amongst the most important skills that a security officer can possess. Often, we need to relay messages and information further than would otherwise be possible via verbal means. In order to achieve this, a security officer has a number of tools at his/her disposal, such as the mobile phone, short message service.


With high focus on hygiene & quality, our Facility Management services are performed to perfection.

Renowned as one of the most reliable security & facility management Agency in Bangalore, Indian Security services create the most hygienic and welcoming atmosphere at your premises.

Our Facility Management Division is continuously trained, managed and motivated to serve you with an extra-ordinary experience. We consider all expectations of our clients and carefully work on feedbacks. At Indian Security Force, Housekeeping division is trained to efficiently service you with time management skills. The recruitment of housekeepers is a thorough procedure and later they are well-coached and instructed with the knowledge of modern machine treatment, latest technology and operating technically advanced equipment like commercial vacuum cleaners and rubbing machinery.

Indian Security Force Housekeeping services in Bangalore

  • Cleaning and maintenance of all ceramic fittings with disinfectant materials and air purifiers for wash area, wash basins
  • All bathrooms, toilet blocks, wash basins, windows etc. within frequent intervals with the best quality of liquid detergent floor sanitizers and disinfectants
  • All waste paper baskets
  • Moping of all rest rooms at regular intervals with quality materials
  • Dusting and cleaning of glass doors, windows, light fittings, sign boards, telephones
  • Collection and disposal of garbage waste papers at regular intervals
  • Scrubbing the floor tiles on weekly basis.


We Provide high profile protective escorts for business leaders as and when requested keeping in view the level of threat involved in different situations

The business leaders as and when requested keeping in view the level of threat involved in different situations. An escort duty is a task to be performed with tactical skills and alertness.

Driven by perfection, we are instrumental in providingSecurity Escort Services which are highly reliable.

We procure our workforce under the strict supervision of experienced professionals, who follow norms and guidelines already set by the industry precisely.


Indian Security Force provides security guards and officers for access control points, to staff gatehouses and for patrol services on foot or by vehicle for residential, resort and commercial properties.

  • Gatehouse Access Control Officers
  • Vehicle GPS System (GPS)
  • Severe Weather and Disaster Response and Preparedness
  • 24 Hour Management Access
  • Incident and Call Reporting System
  • Special Event Security
  • Home, Vacation and Community Security Checks
  • Patrol Verification System (PVS)
  • Key Control
  • Gatehouse Resident & Visitor Management Solutions
  • Concierge Security Services
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Security Patrol Vehicles
  • Speed Enforcement Radar
  • Safety Escorts
  • Medical Emergency Response
  • Alarm Response